Saturday, April 19, 2008


Uh that felt good, let me explain my frustration. Today for extra credit I went to a forum at Cal State Fullerton. The drive down there took me about 45-50 minutes the traffic on the 5 FWY was flowing very smoothly except at couple of interchanges of the 5 to the 605 and 710, all in all it was ok. After the forum I meet up with some friend in Long beach at 4 PM I made my way back home. Being Saturday I thought the traffic would be ok and I decided to take the 405, which turned out to be a very bad idea.
Although I’m not new to the traffic on the 405, which is considered the worst freeway in the nation and is always jam-packed no matter what time or day it is. When I used to work in LAX that forsaken freeway was my daily route and it took me at least two hours on a good day to get back home.
At first the drive was going relatively ok nothing major, after about 10 minutes the traffic stated to slow down and it turned to a nightmare. Stop and go stop and go I most probably cover about 1 mile in 30 minutes. As the traffic lingered on my frustration started to mount up. Why is the problem with this traffic? Why is it not moving?
Has anyone realized when you are stuck in traffic, and it starts to move for a little bit and then stop, has anyone come up with an explanation for this mysterious phenomena? Why does this happen? Or better yet here is another scenario, traffic is moving very slow and at some point everything starts moving fast and you look around trying to figure out what the hell is going on! Is there an invisible force field on the freeway where all the cars are facing and that’s why they can’t go any faster?
Here is another stupid thing that many drivers can’t seem to stop doing, slowing down to see an accident that has happened on the side of the road.
I don’t know but has anyone noticed how the traffic on the freeway has the mentality of a herd? Let me elaborate, a herd moves together and stops together and all this happens when a couple of the herd members start running for some reason, the whole herd gets in a frenzy and starts moving and then all of a sudden those in the front come to a decision to stop and the whole herd stops.
The traffic problem in Los Angeles doesn’t seem to have any solution, and it’s turning uglier by the year as more drivers join the herd, and the freeways aren’t getting bigger.
The frustration of being stuck in traffic for hours is by far the worst agonizing and nerve racking type of torture a person can go through, yet people but themselves through it every single day why? Because they have no other chose, public transportation is undependable and sucks.
So basically we are screwed, don’t you love it! The pleasure of living in LA


Daniel Tola said...

They're actually in the middle of negotiating adding a lane to the 405 N. I guess the dilemma is that they'd have to wipe out a church and 7 homes in order to do it because the federal regulation says it has to be 1 more inch than they have to build on. politics huh?

Global Citizen said...

i wish the solution is that extra lane, but it's not!
the need to think about at least adding 4 more lanes on each side.
hey! maybe a second floor freeway like they have on either Brooklyn bridge or the Manhattan Bridge.
Maybe that would solve the problem.

Michael Escoto said...

I actually like traffic. (disclaimer: I work as a Campus Cruiser so I'm always zipping around) It's the only time I get to sit and do nothing for a while and that's a relaly difficult thing to find in L.A. Plus, its a great excuse when you're late to something becuase everyone understands!

Major Minor said...

Traffic is a problem that seriously needs to be taken care of in Los Angeles. First of all we have the worst road rage in the nation, and secondly LA is where the "gang-banging" culture was derived from...I'm not trying to get shot because of someone's road rage...

privilegeindifference said...

I just came home from a trip that included the 405-South...hahaha.

Traffic in LA is traffic...what are you going to do, though?? It's urban sprawl. This city is New York...except they took a rolling pin and flattened it out (with a few tall building exceptions here and there). Thus, with no subway or effective public transit system, we're stuck on this little system of roads, with a few freeways that help us during low-traffic times.

Isn't it always amazing how quickly you can get somewhere on the freeways here when there is no traffic?? It's just night and funny.