Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Iraq

Yes folks, it’s been 5 years since we invaded Iraq to rid the world of the tyrant Saddam Hussein, who allegedly possessed weapons of Mass Destruction.
Last week the death toll of U.S forces reached 4 thousand. As for the Iraqi side, the death toll has exceeded the million and the end is not even near.The financial cost of this war keeps piling up on the average citizens.
In a recent interview with ABC Vice President Dick Cheney was asked about the recent polls that show the American people say the fight in Iraq is not worth it.The response from Dick was "SO."
According to Dick "You can't be blown off course by polls."
There you have it folks.Our elected officials don't care about our opinion, and regard our, "People's," opinion as, what is the word I'm looking for here...oh,


Tall Asian Guy said...

I just saw an interesting news segment on CNN during which Jesse Ventura said, "the American government has DONE IT...we went into a country to topple its government without even being asked by the people of the country. That's what the Nazis did, that's what the communists did, and now we're doing it."

I just don't know what's going on with America.

The Chipped Stele said...

I simply cannot get over the arrogance of the Bush administration. The president that claimed he would be a "uniter not a divider" has become arguably the most divisive president in American history. Bush and Cheney have openly declared that they should be not be held accountable for their actions to Congress or the people. That the Bush administration continues to enjoy any sort of popular support is mind boggling...